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About Body Scan International

In our continued quest to provide our members with access to the best in modern preventive medicine, IBEW Local 18 is proud to announce we have negotiated a special discount with BSI for body scans for Local 18 members.

BSI's test combines thousands of dollars worth of medical imaging with a full physician consultation and review. Body Scan International can be contacted at (888) 724-8439.

A survey of over 45,000 BSI Patients shows that over 98% were completely satisfied with their  experience, and 99% recommend BSI highly to their family and friends.

BSI has been a proud provider of service to other organizations, including:

United States Department of Defense (Since 1997)
Los Angeles Police Department (since 1999)
Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (since 2002)

Dr. Harvey EisenbergThe Body Scan, invented by Body Scan International founder Harvey Eisenberg, M.D. and supported by the Department of Defense, is a revolutionary way to detect early disease and assess the current state of your health. Body scanning is the earliest disease detection system available today in medicine. With the most comprehensive annual examination available to our members, catching disease at the earliest stage is the key to better disease management and cure. This technology has saved thousands of lives, including those of many public safety officers.