You Don't Know What's Inside
Until You Look.

The HealthView non-invasive scan is an early disease detection program with a unique tracking capability, and an in depth physician consultation taking you on a 3-dimensional computerized journey through your own body from the neck to the pelvis detecting early signs of:

Back Disease Heart Disease Cancer Kidney & Gall Stones
Osteoporosis Aneurysms Benign Tumors Ovarian Disease
Endocrine Disease Vascular Disease Emphysema Prostate Disease

Changing the View of the Annual Physical. Health View.
A Revolutionary Way To Detect Early Disease And Assess The Current State Of Your Health.

The Health View exam complements the annual physical, providing a detailed 3-D visualization inside your body and much more information about your current health.

Early Disease Detection:  While the annual physical is still important, Health View's early detection system can uncover asymptomatic and often life-threatening disease generally not detectable by physical exam or standard screening tests. This allows for management of disease at earlier stages, where medical therapy and treatment options are less costly and less invasive.

Physician Consultation:  Health View is an in-depth 3-dimensional computerized journey through your own body, from your neck to your pelvis. This comprehensive review includes: the heart and arteries, identifying near-microscopic amounts of plaque; the lungs at the air cell level showing the earliest stages of smoke damage, emphysema or lung cancer; the breasts, providing invaluable information to women in early breast cancer detection, augmenting the mammogram; the spine, evaluating for osteoporosis, disc disease, and other back problems; internal organs for detection of small tumors, stones, and cysts; aneurysms in the abdominal and chest cavities; thyroid and parathyroid disease; uterine, ovarian and prostate disease. This process of self-visualization is a powerful motivational guidance system for making important life changes.

Patient Education, Empowerment and Treatment Options:  Our physicians will educate you about the disease and work in partnership with you and your physician to help keep you on the right course towards optimum health. We will help you meet your specific needs through our comprehensive range of services and treatment options.

Unique Tracking Capability:  Your data is stored electronically in our data base to assess your current health and track it into the future. Comparison studies give you the necessary feedback to stay on course with your therapy or make the appropriate changes. Most importantly, this type of tracking will allow you and your doctor to optimally manage the disease in order to alter or reverse its course.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy is a new method of imaging the entire colon that is simpler, faster, and less invasive than conventional colonoscopy. It requires no sedation and can be incorporated in the overall rapid Health View exam that already includes virtual bronchoscopy and virtual gastroscopy. A New England Journal of Medicine article (Boston University November 1999) comparing virtual colonoscopy to conventional colonoscopy concluded virtual colonoscopy to "have similar efficacy for the detection of polyps" that are likely to be cancerous. The Health View technology provides higher resolution with faster scanning and advanced proprietary software resulting in a more detailed 3-dimensional viewing capability adding to the diagnostic value of the examination.

Q.  How is the Health View different from a conventional CT scan?
A.  Health View utilizes a substantially faster CT scanner, with proprietary software (AngioCAT) to rapidly scan the torso, resulting in "stop action" 3-D views of your beating heart breathing lungs and other organs.
Q.  Who should have a Health View test?
A.  Generally, men and women over 30 years of age. A family history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, chest pain, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle can make the test especially important.
Q.  What about radiation exposure?
A.  You will get about the same safe radiation exposure from a Health View test as you would from a simple upper G.I. study.

Q.  What can I expect during the test?
A.  We will place three EKG electrodes on you while you recline on the table. You will be asked to hold your breath a few times. The open environment, soft lighting, and scenic photography add to the pleasant and relaxing environment. The entire scan takes only 15 minutes and there's no need to disrobe.
Q.  Do I really want to know what the results will show?
A.  While the concept of uncovering disease within one's own body can be intimidating, almost all patients find that the results are simply a guide to better health. Almost all diseases uncovered at asymptomatic stages can be modified, reversed or cured.
Q.  When will I get my results?
A.  Your results will be discussed with you immediately after your exam during your physician consultation. A written report will be mailed to you.

Medical Facts
Heart Disease Is Our #1 Cause Of Death

  • 1.5 Million Americans annually experience heart attacks. 33% result in death.
  • Sudden Death due to heart attacks usually occur with no prior symptoms, 48% are men and 63% are women.
  • Heart disease mortality in women is about 6 times greater than that of breast cancer.
  • As much as 85% of heart attacks are caused by the sudden rupture of smaller plaques that are neither large enough to impair blood flow nor detectable by current screening tests (e.g. stress EKG, echo, thallium).
  • Coronary heart disease can be slowed, stopped or reversed before a serious problem develops.
  • Symptoms usually do not appear until diseases like arteriosclerosis (heart attacks/strokes), cancer, and emphysema are in their later stages.

HealthView Facts
  • Health View can non-invasively detect the "silent" lesions that, with no warnings or symptoms, may cause a heart attack or even sudden death.
  • Major clinical publications have concluded the Health View's technology is extremely accurate in either the ruling out of, or the early detection of, coronary artery disease.
  • Health View started heart scanning in 1984 and has now expanded the scope of the test to include the entire torso. This includes augmenting mammography in the early detection of breast cancer.
  • Health View has been nationally validated to deliver well established medical accuracy and reliability.

Client Testimonials

Highly Rated By Hundreds Of
Physicians Scanned At Health View.

"I'm going to eat healthy for my heart. Now that I've seen it, and I understand how hard it works, I'm going to take care of it."
Oprah Winfrey, interviewing Dr. Eisenberg on
The Oprah Winfrey Show

"The most comprehensive health exam that exists. I love them."
says actor Whoopi Goldberg,
Psychology Today

"It takes the mystery out and gives you a new perspective on your life."
says actor Robert Wagner,
USA Today

"I became more aware of the fact that everything should be done in moderation."
says actor James Woods,
USA Today

"I'm sending everybody I know."
says actor William Shatner,
LA Times

"I felt more empowered, you take your health more seriously."
says athlete-turned-celebrity businessman Bruce Jenner,
CNN Financial News

"They found the cancer before it had broken down my body," she says, boasting that she was back on the job within six weeks. "You think that what you don't know won't hurt you, but I know (that) what you don't know can kill you."
Commander Betty Kelepecz, L.A.P.D.
USA Today also seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show

"The ability to detect early coronary artery disease by full body scanning technology can be a powerful motivator in making comprehensive changes in diet and lifestyle. Instead of just telling someone that they are at risk for heart disease, they can be told that they already have early heart disease. Thus, I highly recommend the HealthView approach."
says Dean Ornish, M.D.
Director Of the Preventive Medicine Research

"They all say that with this kind of cancer, we wouldn't have found it until I had symptoms." Six weeks after his surgery, the 21-year L.A.P.D. veteran was back out on the streets supervising patrolmen. "I feel wonderful, I'm completely cured, I won the lottery."
say Sgt. Bart Landsman

"This is the first real knowledge I have about my heart and Lungs. This changes the old annual physical. I feel both reassured and empowered to make the necessary changes."
Adele Scheele, Ph.D

"I am going to tell everyone I love about this test"
Howard Conn, M.D.

"The body scan saved my life!"
Dr. Joel Safer

A Personal Commitment To Proactive Medicine

Our goal is to extend the length and quality of life by proactive intervention. We believe that the Health View experience of self-visualization helps the self-empowerment and lifestyle enhancing process. We are committed to help guide you on your journey to achieving optimal health and to become your partner along the way.

Dr. Harvey Eisenberg, M.D.
Health View Founder

Dr. Harvey Eisenberg Dr. Eisenberg has over 30 years experience as a cardiovascular radiologist and angiographer. He is a pioneer in the field of interventional radiology and medical imaging. He is inventor of the Angio CAT technology which drives the Health View study. He served as professor of radiologic sciences at UCLA, Harvard, and Stanford. Dr. Eisenberg is a founding member of the National Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology. He has served as a medical director and consultant to numerous medical imaging manufacturers.

Dr. Eisenberg is joined in the Health View practice by several other professors and former university division heads of radiology, cardiology, neurology, and endocrinology.

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